Three ways to overcome two hurdles
Let's look at 3 ways to handle discouragement/disappointments. If it's your friend who's always pulling you down? Is it your sibling who's discouraging? Is it...
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Master these 3 skills to become successful
There are 3 essential skills that anyone should master to become successful. Lack of goals leads to wastage of time. A very well written goal...
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Law as a Career - online CLAT classes: Balsu
LAW – An alternate career !
by Mr. Balasunder, Director of Balsu’s Success Academy
What are you going to do after your 12th grade? A cliched question asked to every student who is pursuing his/her 11th grade or in...
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How to mentally get prepared before starting preparation
How to mentally get prepared before starting preparation?
by Mr.Madhan M
Mental toughness is very much needed before starting the preparations. "Nothing worth having comes easy": The journey ahead is going to be tough and be...
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CAT(Common Admission Test)
CAT, the piece of cake
by Ms.Padma R – MICA Ahmedabad
CAT is a piece of cake – difficult to admit but it is. While people go around preaching about how CAT is one of the...
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How to deal with discouragement and disappointments
How to deal with discouragement and disappointments?
by Mr.Vishnu Prasad MJ – IIFM Bhopal
Very Happy and Excited to write this up especially at this point of time in my Life! People Call me VP ( shorter version of...
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