Is it safe for Tamil girls to do MBA in other states outside Tamil Nadu?

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Are you, as a girl, planning to pursue MBA outside Tamil Nadu or is your daughter planning on doing her MBA outside Tamil Nadu? Then, these must be the questions that may occupy your mind. Like, whether it is safe for my daughter to be inside the college or within the locality they are to stay? What about the language barriers? What about all the basic necessities? Will she be married off to a prospectus groom after completing her higher education somewhere out of Tamil Nadu? Are these questions bothering you? Well, this blog is exclusively for you.

Look, MBA is a fascinating area of studies for all the students who wish to pursue post-graduation in the Management sector. Recent trends show that the number of girls studying MBA has been increasing because safety plays a part and the institutions are a safe haven, says the data.

 Why can’t we think in this way? What about girls cracking UPSC? Aren’t they getting their training at Dehradun and Delhi? Aren’t they being offered positions in various places across India? As a parent, will you not allow her to go out of Tamil Nadu? No, I guess. If you can allow her now, then why don’t you allow her to pursue MBA? If your daughter can come safely from other states when she’s pursuing her UPSC, she can also come back safely after her MBA too.

Think of working women going out of Tamil Nadu. Aren’t they returning home safe? Safety for girls is prioritized across every part of India and especially for girls who are students. If you guys are still not convinced, your concerns will be addressed on reading this further.

What exactly is safety?

To rephrase the questions, what exactly do girls and their parents perceive as safety? Let’s take an instance; a girl secures a seat to do MBA both at IIM Lucknow and at IIM Trichy in 2016. Where exactly would her parents make her study if she is a native of Tamil Nadu? Obviously as an innocent parent who is concerned for their daughter’s safety would want her to do an MBA at IIM Trichy. Yes, I too agree that safety and precaution come first. But the safety provided by IIM Trichy can also be provided by IIM Lucknow. Here, choosing IIM Lucknow is the wiser choice in terms of education and the future career projectile. IIM Lucknow is an old IIM with a legacy of around 40 long years whereas IIM Trichy is a new IIM. Even in the teaching arena IIM Lucknow is known for its top-class faculties with a wider exposure when compared to IIM Trichy. Now the girl convinces her parents and gets into IIM Lucknow which provides her a comfortable and safe ambience of feel at home. She is not a random example but our academy’s one of the managing partners, Ms. Harini, whose journey is a path filled with the knowledge she received from the world class faculties, the network she made and her initial placement with 25 LPA in 2019. Now, she becomes an entrepreneur and runs a successful business. And she is also a part of her happy family with her husband and her beautiful child. All this happened because of the right choice she made. Her right choice worked magic in her life.

There are many niche management courses which are not available in Tamil Nadu. Sustainability Management is a booming sector, for which there’s not a top college inside Tamil Nadu. Ms. Sri Shankari who is also a proud alumnus of Balsu’s Success academy unfolded her phoenix feathers and flew all the way to Bhopal and is currently pursuing her dream course of Sustainability Management at Indian Institute of Forest Management (IIFM). Initially, she was so much confused about choosing the institution and it was because of the language barrier she might face since the college is surrounded by hilly tribes. But there’s something called Survival instinct. When we are put in a new environment, we naturally adapt to the situation. So, she learned the language automatically. Now, she explores a lot, gets to know about all the shades of the programme with practical hands-on experience with unending possibilities. She would not have achieved her dream if not for her decision of stepping out of Tamil Nadu.

As for your question of basic necessities, everything will be available within the walls of the institution. Starting from Stationery to Napkins, from departmental stores to medical facilities, all will be available just a minute away. So, this need not be a worry. All these points out to one thing that is, the precautions taken by the institution.

These are two of the many such instances of girls bravely and safely pursuing MBA outside Tamil Nadu. Their parents were initially afraid of their daughters going out of their comfortable home town, but the girls came back safely as women with all possible victories they could fetch for themselves.

Well, what are you waiting for and what is still holding you? Go and get into your dream college and rise high with flying colors.

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