Balsu’s Online Spoken Hindi Course
What you will learn ?
  • Understanding the commonly used words in Hindi
  • Understanding the native speaker
  • Able to respond to any native speaker's question
  • Able to make correct and easy sentences
Course Description

“Balsu’s Online Spoken Hindi” course has been designed for a person who wishes to learn Hindi but lacks any prior Hindi knowledge. The 20 hours course is completely live and interactive. In this program, the learning process is facilitated by applying the Hindi language to our own daily lives. Class materials will be shared at the end of every day’s session. Daily homework, fun-based activities, creative exercises & weekly evaluations are some of the components of this course. The special highlight is the Native Speaker Session where the native speaker will converse with you and make you more comfortable facing any native speaker. Every participant receives an e-certificate at the end of the course.

Recent Learners
  • 250+ College Students
  • 110+ Housewives
  • 150+ Entrepreneurs
  • 170+ Employees of any Govt / Private firms
  • 130+ Teachers / Head of Institutions
  • 150+ MBA, Govt Job, IAS Aspirants
  • 60+ Working Abroad
₹ 1999 /-
Course Highlights
  • 1500+ learners
  • 30+ batches Completed
  • 20 hours live session
  • Daily homework
  • Continuous assessment
  • Conversation with a native speaker
  • Certification of completion
  • The participants should be above the age of 17
  • Preliminary knowledge of Hindi is not mandatory
  • A good network connection, laptop, headphones, and sufficient data to support 1 hour of the class per day
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