worth MBA

Well, you guys must have a vague idea of what it is to do an MBA in an IIM as you are now at the stage of searching for it. Some might even consider it worthy. In simple terms, it is worth getting an MBA from an IIM. Now, let us get into the details alongside breaking some myths. There are three important things one can get by cracking into an IIM. They are as follows:

  • A wide range of exposure
  • Networking is a pivotal point
  • Obviously, placements

By getting into an IIM for MBA, one can be exposed to a diverse and vibrant set of people. For example, your best friends could be a keralite, Maharashtrian, or any other state. Here, you can learn about their culture and how it comes into effect from a business point of view i.e. the role of a customer, supplier, advertisement, etc…

Next is networking. You could network with people from all over the country. Be it your fellow students, professors or even great industrial leaders as all the IIMs have a tie up with leading industrial experts. Who might know, they could come in handy in your future path of progress.

Almost every IIM is known for its 100 percent placement. Let us take IIM Calcutta. For the year 2023 – 24, they have received 573 offers from 190 companies. The average salary stands at 35.07 LPA and the highest at 1.15 CPA. Astonishing!!! Isn’t it? In the case of new IIMs, they have registered a salary jump of 21% to 31%.

Well, there are also other top B – Schools such as FMS, SPJIMR, TISS, etc… They provide the same as IIM does. I am telling this to you to highlight that there are also other choices that are equal to an IIM.

Back to the track of IIM, many think that engineering candidates are more preferred in an IIM. Nope. That’s an absolute myth. To have diversity in the educational field of students, they take up students from any academic oriented UG degree. So, the myths that are common are broken as well.

Now, you guys would have a clear idea of how worthy it is to do an MBA from an IIM.

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