How to prepare for CAT?

cat exam


CAT is the only entrance Exam to do an MBA in India’s premier institutes such as IIMs. This exam usually creates a lot of hustle and bustle among the aspirants. Most of the novice aspirants, some occasionally and some frequently, fret on how to prepare for CAT. Well, well, well… The typical questions regarding the preparation strategies for CAT exam customarily revolve around:

  • The syllabus regarding the exam.
  • The time needed to prepare for the exam.
  • The techniques involved.

Okay aspirants, here comes the time to put off the storm raging inside your mind with regard to these questions.

Is there a syllabus for CAT?

This is going to be quite shocking to hear, I mean to read. Brace yourselves to know the truth. There is no such thing as an exact syllabus in CAT. Pains to know but quite the setting. Well, I have mentioned that there is no EXACT syllabus. This means that there is a course outline. Like most of the competitive exams in India, CAT also frames the questions based on what you have learned from 6th to 10th grade of your high school. The three sections on CAT i.e. Quantitative aptitude (to those who have hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia, it is school level math), Logical reasoning and data interpretation, and Verbal Ability and reading comprehension, are not cutting-edge rocket science concepts because they are what we already know. So guys, what you need to do is brush up the already existing concepts in your memory.

The duration needed for Preparation:

The next most intriguing question is about the time one needs to prepare for CAT. Everyone has their own clocks. To be more explanatory, everyone has their own learning phases. For example, one might require just a month to crack the exam, one might need six months, one might need more than a year. So, the answer to this question depends on how much you can take in or simply, the phase in which you can prepare.

The Tactics in totem:

The techniques or strategies to follow when it comes down to the preparation of CAT exam are myriad. It can be taking a lot of mock tests, revising again and again, learning using illustrations, solving a lot of problems and questions, Peer learning, etc. These are not the only techniques, there are many. You could follow what suits you the most.

The Dissipation of Doubts:

All these that we have dealt with in the article will help you in dissipating your doubts. Yayyy!!! Keep these in your mind, when you sit to prepare for your exam next time, so that you remain chill and focus more on the preparation part of your Exam rather than stressing yourself out on these questions and doubts.

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