LAW – An alternate career !
by Mr. Balasunder, Director of Balsu’s Success Academy

Law as a Career - online CLAT classes: Balsu

What are you going to do after your 12th grade? A cliched question asked to every student who is pursuing his/her 11th grade or in his/her 12th grade, waiting for results.Apparently, 80% of the science students in India would say engineering. One who is optimistic about 12th board results would say Engineering, Medicine, CA, B. Com, B.Sc, BBA. These are the common platitudes by students. There is one thing which is omnipresent in any career. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”said Martin Luther king Jr. Justice and injustice, they coexist but, law is the thin line which separates them. It is the public conscience that helps people to get justice.

Lawyer. When we hear this word, first and foremost thing that hits our brain is their identity “The black robe”. Perhaps, in India lawyers can be identified by their white and black attire. Black represents authority and dominance. White is considered as purity, innocence and goodness. It is not mandatory to take up a career that is familiar to our family but traditionally, Indian citizens believe that a lawyer father’s son would have a bright career in law than a non- lawyer father’s son.

Law as a Career - online CLAT classes: Balsu

It is not mandatory to have a family background in law for a student to imagine a career in law. Unfortunately Indian students believed that way.  Black robe, white neckband and a cohort of gentlemen in black-white attire is not only the law which we have preconceived about. A career in law is not all about trial courts, appeals and litigations always. The scope has expanded beyond those typical areas. Students can specialize in any of the multiple options offered like as follows:

  • Patenting
  • Corporate laws
  • Labor Law
  • International Trade
  • Family Law
  • Constitutional
  • Judiciary and
  • Civil Service
  • Litigation
  • Media and publication
  • Legal Process Outsourcing (LPOs)
  • Academia
  • Social Work.

On an average, an engineer in India, with 10 years of experience in his field earns 65k per month. Similarly on a doctor without a Post graduation earns average of 50k per month. The average domestic salary of student who has done his Law UG from NLUs is Rs 10 – Rs 15 lakh per annum (Rs 1,25,000 per month). On an average, an Indian student spends Rs 55-80 lakhs to get a management seat in a medical college. National Law universities, one of the prestigious institutions in our country needs Rs 8 – 12 Lakhs fees (Approximately) to have a career in law.

Companies now a days are aware of the legal issues prevailing and almost all sectors are in need of legal professionals. There are talks on expanding the scope for legal practice in India and open the gates for law firms from other countries to set up their shops here. Law firms from UK and US have started to recruit young Indian law graduates. Legal education in our nation has been recognized and professionals from various disciplines are ready to take up short term courses in law as it is imperative to raise our standards of legal awareness in COVID like situations.

This pandemic has completely changed our legal system to reinvent itself starting from infrastructure with an acceptable representation of socially distanced halls, rooms, seating arrangements etc. Industries are setting up a new set of legal norms based on the new normal. We cannot set up an office today without the above considerations or genuine suggestions from Legal Advisors as so many technological applications and trade options are blocked by our ministry from our coterminous friends like China and Nepal. Abundant opportunities in law careers are inevitable as the repercussions of aggression from our neighborhood countries and pandemics are going to prevail for next few years. Career in Law is a golden opportunity and it will be the need of hour for upcoming years.

Online CLAT preparation from Balsu

India’s top most institutions, National Law Universities, are like Hogwarts for every kid who wants to have a career in Law. There are totally 23 NLU’s in India and Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is the entrance exam which gives you the entry ticket to these colleges. Other entrance exams like SET, AILET, LSAT can also land in you India’s most wanted prestigious institutions. The most important part is to clear these entrance exams with the help of proper guidance.

Every year many students are sent to different NLU’s after clearing CLAT and SET exams from Madurai, under the guidance of Balsu’s Success Academy, Madurai. With 25+ years of experience in Educational and Training Industry Mr. Balasunder, The Director of Balsu’s Success Academy, has mentored thousands of students to become successful in their respective careers. ”My daughter’s initial performance was unsatisfactory but the faculty’s talks uplifted her and improved her confidence. It helped her to clear SLAT and the PI WAT training helped her to get into Symbiosis College.” Says Mrs.TAMILARASI RAVIKUMAR (EX MLA) Parent of Ms. Kanmani, who joined Symbiosis Univ pune for her law studies.

LAW is an eternal domain because it serves justice and under a proper guidance you can create LAWS that can save millions. Remember, Getting a mentor is the shortcut to success.
All the best for your future. Happy learning !☺

Author By : Mr. Balasunder – Director of Balsu’s Success Academy

Date : July 18, 2020

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