Unique specialisations in MBA

Unique specialisations in MBA

The most usual specialisations we all know when it comes to MBA are Human Resources management, Marketing, Finance, Operations, etc. But there are a lot of unique specialisations focused only on certain aspects of the management industry. These specialisations are not only unique but also interesting and intrigues us. These courses arouse our curiosity and it tingles us.

The unknown yet riveting niches available in the Market of MBA are “International business”, “Sustainability and environment management”, “Tourism, Travel and Hospitality management”, “Hospital and Healthcare management”, “Digital Business management”, “Luxury brand management”, “Sports management”, “Aviation management”, “Block chain and Cryptocurrency management”, “Cybersecurity management”, “Forestry management”, “Agribusiness management”. Ummm, I can predict your mind voice. Yes, the list is long and winding, I can understand it. But there are still a lot of idiosyncratic courses. Well, we cannot see about all the courses in one particular blog. Let us focus on some of the peculiar niche courses in this article.

Let us take International Business. This particular specialisation prepares students for global business operations, international trade, and cross-cultural management. Graduates work in multinational companies, international trade organizations, and global consultancy firms. Some of the most Premier institutes in India to do a course on International Business are Fore School Management in Delhi, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, etc. This is a booming sector with the course offering a lot of insights into the trade forum of the International Horizon.

Luxury brand Management for instance, focuses on the marketing, branding, and management of high-end products and services in the luxury sector. Careers often lead to roles in luxury retail, brand management, and high-end fashion. The Companies of Luxury brands such as Revlon, Louis Vuitton, etc. prefer people from this particular course when compared to an MBA Grad in other specialisations. So, a small push to the graduates aspiring to get into luxury brand management is that they could do an MBA on “the Luxury brand management”. Some of the institutes of importance for Luxury Brand management are Istituto Marangoni, SP Jain, Pearl academy, etc.

The booming sector of all days is Tourism Management. Tourism management refers to handling and supervising activities related to the tourism industry. It is a multifaceted industry that provides people with the training, skills and expertise necessary to obtain management positions in tourism and accommodation. This particular course offers innumerable opportunities like Curation tourism, Virtual tourism, etc.

These are few of the many varied and distinct specialisations available in the Business Administration sector. For more information on many such specialisations, Balsu’s Success academy is always there to assist you.

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