Three ways to overcome two hurdles


Let’s look at 3 ways to handle discouragement/disappointments.

Identify the source and take it heads on

If it’s your friend who’s always pulling you down? Is it your sibling who’s discouraging? Is it that WhatsApp group spreading negativity & spoiling the mood? Find the sources. Handle them first. Positively influence them. If it is time consuming and unproductive, stay away.

Anticipate disappointments and Overcome with a mentor's help

Failures and disappointments always occur on the path to success. They still make us mentally tough. Avoid too much emotion. Never react knee-jerk to disappointments. Discuss with a mentor and handle the situation rationally.

Ability to focus on the positive side of things


Weakness and threats pose discouragements. Strengths and opportunities propel us to the next level. Best way to overcome disappointments is to get your attention back to your own strengths.

I hope we can embrace disappointments more positively and achieve big success. Cheers!

Author : Mr. Madhan M

Date : May 31, 2021

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