The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT®) is a standardised, computer-adaptive test that is designed to help business schools assess the potential of applicants to succeed in their graduate management programmes.

The GMAT® is developed and administered by Pearson VUE under the direction of the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), a non-profit organization. Pearson VUE delivers the tests in India throughout the year in 26 cities across 29 test centers.

Global Acceptance of GMAT®: IN 2014 (year ended June 2014) 238,356 GMAT® exams were taken globally. And test takers sent 675,733 GMAT® Score Reports to nearly 6000 graduate management programs around the world.

What does it measure you on: The GMAT® exam measures the skills you have against the skills that the schools look out for. GMAT® is not just a test of your quantitative and verbal ability, rather, it tests you on your analytical capability- your ability to analyze complex information and your logical capability apart from your time strategies.

Gmat® Test Structure

The GMAT® is a computer-based adaptive test, and no two students get an identical set of questions. It is scored on a maximum of 800. The GMAT® Score alone cannot guarantee admission into a school since the schools look at many other aspects of a student’s profile.

Category Duration Question Duration per Question
AWA (Analytical Writing Assessment) 30 minutes 1 essay topic Analysis of Argument Scored on a scale of 0-6
IR (Integrated Reasoning) 30 minutes 12 Questions 150 Seconds / Question Multi-Source Reasoning Graphics Interpretation Two-Part Analysis Table Analysis Scored on a scale of 1-8
Quantitative Section 75 minutes 37 questions 121 Seconds / Question Data Sufficiency Problem Solving Scored on the scale of 0-60 Total Score on the scale of 200-800
Verbal Section 75 minutes 41 questions 108 Seconds / Question Reading Comprehension Critical Reasoning Sentence Correction Scored on the scale of 0-60
Total Duration of GMAT® 210 minutes

Is Work Experience Mandatory To Get Into A Top Management School Through The GMAT® Exam?
NO. While it is widely believed that international management programs do not entertain candidates without work experience, it is completely untrue! While most MBA programs require a minimum of 2 years of work experience, programs like MIM (Masters in Management) / MMS (Masters in Management Studies) offered by the best known institutes such as London Business School, Kellogg, Duke, HEC and many others are tailor-made for candidates with little or NO work experience!

Also, there are various deferred admit programs where students in their Final or Prefinal years can apply. Harvard Business School 2+2 and ISB YLP programs are few such options that bachelors degree holders can apply to.

In short, students in their final or pre-final year of graduation, recent graduates and candidates with work – experience, everyone can take the GMAT® and apply! Check out ISB’s programs for each of these categories.

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