How to deal with discouragement and disappointments?
by Mr.Vishnu Prasad MJ – IIFM Bhopal

How to deal with discouragement and disappointments

Very Happy and Excited to write this up especially at this point of time in my Life! People Call me VP ( shorter version of my name Vishnu Prasad ) or MJ ( My Initials; I don’t dance 😛 )

I am 24 now and this is my journey as a dreamer who continues to dream Big ! I am a curious person to try out new things in my life. I would fail often but definitely win at the end.

Since I was brought up as a so called disciplined and studious person from my school days onwards, I had no big exposure apart from Academics and certain planned extra curricular.

So, without much surprises I was the Topper (academically) throughout my school days!
How to deal with discouragement and disappointments
As soon as I stepped out of my school, I started networking with different people in my college. I enjoyed my college days by joining in forums and clubs which interested me! I started experiencing almost all flavors of life ( Love, Hate, Trust, Betrayal, Friendship, Jealousy and many more )

I got the campus placement and started working in a good company with a decent pay. Though life was going smooth and started feeling financial liberty, Somehow I could not do what I was aspiring for while as I was working in Chennai. I lost my health completely due to irregular sleep, less nutritious food, hot and humid work conditions and yes little stressful too!

I was disappointed completely with my life a year back. My hair had fallen completely. My Hemoglobin level went down to 7. I was losing weight drastically.

Two things made me quit my job on 30th June 2019.

  1. To recover my heath and being Happy
  2. To make a career to full fill my Aspirations

I started taking medications for up to 5 months and I prepared for my CAT.

I read a Book called “You can heal your Life” suggested by my Guru (Mr.Balsu Sir ). The book brought in a great deal of transformation in me. In addition to medications and home-cooked food, my belief systems and the book changed the whole scenario. I recovered my health almost after 8 months and my parents were happy today seeing me from what I was 9 months back.

Irrespective of expected percentiles in CAT, because of belief system and Good preparation for GD and Interviews, I cracked this aspiration and waiting now to join in Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal.
How to deal with discouragement and disappointments
I wanted to serve for nature and contribute in enormous gravity. I believe that knowledge and excitement is Important than just fame and money!

I am very happy about the decision of quitting from my job an year back and about my belief system is helping me besides a great support from Balsu Sir which has helped me sailing through. I would like to express my gratitude to the universe

In a Nutshell, To overcome discouragements and disappointments,

  1. Believe in Yourself
  2. Persevere and Patience
  3. Universe hears You. Spread Positivism
  4. Rise up again even if you feel umpteen number of times.
  5. Have the courage to follow what you wanted to do in Life!

Author By : Mr.Vishnu Prasad MJ – IIFM Bhopal

Date : June 29, 2020

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